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Are you ready to grow your wellness business with ease?

Let 2023 be the year of business development and growth by creating a self care brand that resonates with your target clients in a matter of seconds. 

Duncan -  Zyro

A full 75% of consumers say they’ll form an opinion about a company and its credibility based only on its website. It pays to invest in good web design. 

I help wholeness & wellness businesses to quantum leap their potential to spotlight themselves in an over crowed market

I have also suffered with major anxiety myself, so much so that I was unable to even eat in front of people. When I really had to eat I would cover up my mouth to mask the fact I was chewing. I also had a huge fear of the world around me and always thinking the worst possible thing could happen. Without self-care, wellness and support there is no way I could have developed in the way I have including bringing up two beautiful children. This is why I feel so strongly within this industry.

I help therapists build websites and branding that instantly creates a connection and warmth. I know on a personal level how daunting it is to admit and ask for help, so I am here to help people feel at home from the very first point of contact.

Your nurturing cancer brand consultant who loves one of the most common and overlooked gemstones going ... Agate

I work with healers

I work with wellness businesses

I work with therapists

I work with self care businesses

What Clients Say - Shannon

Absolutely amazing! Such an in-depth look into our business. I loved that things we were doing well in were brought up so we can continue doing them and the tips and advise given so we can grow and do better not just on our website but TikTok and Instagram too! Definitely well worth the investment and can't thank Bethany enough!
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