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The Everyday All
In One Business Plan

Let 2023 be the year of business development

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You have big dreams and goals for your business,
lets make them a reality

Feel like running a business is hard work and that sometimes you wanna give up? I get it, from mental health thinking you’re not good enough to having the time to research into content creation while running desperately out of ideas. This was me once, so if I could do it, you can, too. Introducing the everyday all in one business plan created exclusively for you and your business needs.


Immediately walk away today knowing your content strategy is being taken care of, that imposter syndrome won’t be your enemy and finally get the control back where achieving your goals is effortless with a happiness guarantee.


Here’s a fact that may come to a surprise to you, a business plan creates 30% greater chance of growth plus 65% of successful content markers use a documented marketing strategy, now its time to take control and discover your breakthrough.

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Say Goodbye Too...

❌Confusion on what to post on social media and ending up posting anything

❌Feeling like you are not good enough and comparing yourself to other businesses you feel are doing well

❌Not knowing your goals and how to reach them

❌Not knowing what problems your business solves and what benefits your products provide

❌Feeling like you have no organisation or structure in place to increase your growth

❌Not knowing who your competitors are and how you have strengths that they do not have

❌Feeling like you are targeting everyone and you have not got a set niche that you fit into

Here’s What You’ll Get...

✅Full comfort in knowing your content strategy has been built for you - time saver right!

✅How to connect directly to your audience through a business plan I have personalised to your needs only 

✅Custom easy to follow formulas and strategies you can implement instantly 

✅Your Instagram page setup requirements to help new people discover your business

✅Your bio written for you with conversion rate being the main focus point for more sales

✅Bespoke journalling based on your goals and struggles

with each question that has been written with you and only you

in mind

✅ But most of all less stress and more time


"A business plan creates 30% greater chance

of growth"

"65% of successful content markers use

a documented marketing strategy"

"A solid and realistic business plan is the basis of a successful business"


Hello I'm Bethany

Hello I am Bethany your business and social media coach. I have built a following of over 15K on Instagram all based through a strong content strategy. Not only have I built a strong following but I have used the right language and body copy to attract my target audience all based on a solid marketing and business plan.

I have also been working for the last couple of months on planning and creating a solid business plan, in fact I got £32K in funding purely based on how strong, accurate and realistic the business plan was. I now have the opportunity to set up my dream business with my best friend (launching in the new year) and I would not have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for our business plan frame work.


I have created this done for you business and content plan as I truly believe every business owner should have the chance to shine, not everyone has the time to create a business plan and do all the research, but a business plan really is the core of your success and even if you do not have the time or have no idea how to create one doesn’t mean you should have the opportunity to have one.


Client Love...

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