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Ultimate guide for creating more clients with tips for creating websites for holistic therapists

A lot can happen when your website is fine turned (more enquires) … and a lot can happen if you website is not performing well (losing traffic). If you are a Therapist then you are mainly a service based businesses. A lot of your clients would have looked at your website first to see if you are what they are looking for.

Now imagine you have people going to your website that really need your help within the topic you specialise in, wether that’s Talking therapy or Massage and they are around 90% ready to inquire. But then they see your website and it doesn’t connect or talk to them enough for them to commit that extra 10% and alternatively find someone else.

Its hard to get traffic to your website but it’s even harder to keep them their (when done incorrectly 😉)

A beautiful website design example
A beautiful website design example

So here’s a fool proof plan to make sure your home page creates a desirable pull to convert your traffic into bookings.

1 - Include your unique selling point or a super strong hook

Someone relaxing on their phone
Someone relaxing on their phone

So what is a hook? A hook is a small sentence that really pulls into a struggle that someone is having and encourages them to find out more.

Here are some hook examples you could us but my number one tip is to make sure you are using the correct tone of voice that matches what you stand for.

Is your childhood trauma stopping you from bonding the way you want to with your kids?

- This is a very direct tone of voice that is almost telling people they are not alone plus telling them loudly that you can help them. Its almost like the light at the end of the tunnel and they can hear you calling to them.

Looking to relax with friends after a busy stressful day, but wine won’t cut it? Better try Yoga!

- This is a lot more relaxed, chilled and a fun tone of voice, that represents enjoyment in a light and fluffy way.

Feeling like Anxiety is taking over your life? Struggling to complete day to day activities? - This is more of an eye opener as it will speak to someone who is suffering from Anxiety instantly. This is more of an understanding tone of voice as you are stating that you know what they are feeling.

The key is to tap into their emotions so that the very first thing they read on your website makes them relate to you which encourages them to take action, reach out or at least find out more information about you.

2 - Use one photo that really showcases your services and passion

Stunning healthy food website design
Stunning healthy food website design

I myself am also a service provider (I design websites and branding) so I use a photo of myself that a professional photographer took of me for a branding shoot. This is important as I am the one that’s providing the experience. I am what makes my business unique.

You could 100% take the same approach. Make sure that any headshots that you have, create a story that showcases and matches what topic or section that you work on.

For example: A life coach that works with parents who do not know how to connect with their children could have a headshot of them and their family playing together in the woods or at the beach. This headshot or first image needs to tell a story that matches your hook to visually encourage clients to book. Telling a story and adding emotion is the quickest way for people to process information.

3 - At the end use a strong Call To Action

Relaxation with your website and yoga
Relaxation with your website and yoga

So you almost have your very first section of your homepage on point , and ready for all your new clients to feel compelled to work with you. But what’s next for them? You need to give them direction and tell them what to do next. This is most simply called a call to action. They easiest way to think about a CTA is that its basically a button. This button takes them somewhere like a booking form.

Think about what your first point of call is? Do you offer a Free Consultation? Yes!? Well your CTA (Call to action) could be “Work with me for FREE” which then once clicked heads on over to your booking form. Knowing you have created this conversion all within one very small section of your website feels incredibly rewarding.

I am going to go into a little bit more depth of how this looks and what to expect:

Example of Snazz Socials Website
Example of Snazz Socials Website

Here is my own home page of my website. I have included a hook which talks directly to my target audience. This text is in a larger font so that it’s the eye catching and becomes the first thing people read, that is then paired up with a photo of me working on my laptop so showcase that I am a website designer but including a plant to help showcase that it’s more of the holistic side I work on. I would like to redo this and have a dream to do a shot at the Eden project on my laptop to really showcase nature being all around me or maybe even being at the beach? And finically I have a button right underneath the text that heads on over to my Website Design and coaching package.

This is the first thing people see when they head onto your website and it’s so important to get it right or you could be losing potential enquiries from this missing information.

If you want more help with your website then check out my business audit, where I analyse what changes you can make to increase those sales.

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