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Lifestyle Marketing 101 - Grab yourself my free formula to up your sales

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Lifestyle marketing is now such a hot topic and is one of the easiest ways to market your business when done correctly with creativity you can use it to sell both products and services. Lifestyle marketing is where you create a deep connection with your targeted audience by aiding them to be able to visualise having your product or services in their life.

Later on in this article I am going to go through my formula for lifestyle marketing to help you unlock new customers and really define and discover new sales.

Here’s the difference, let’s use a candle as an example: so by simply just uploading a nice photo of the candle onto social media you are doing one thing and one thing only, showing off the ascetic of your product. This does work as candles are a part of home decor but you need to go that one step further.

You need people to be able to see and envision your product in their day to day life and here’s how you could structure this with my formula for a video on social media.

1 - Use your targets audience pain points or struggles as your hook, this can be used for

your videos title

For example, going back to the candle you could say - My night time routine to stop sleepless nights (As a mother of 2).

2 - Now showcase how your product fixes this struggle

This can be written as part of the posts text or even better it can be done as a voice over with captions. We use captions as a huge 69% of people watch a video with no sound on in public and a massive 85% of people watch Facebook videos with the sound off. We want to make sure we are still including these people as they are huge percentages.

For the candle it could be that people automatically see a candle and naturally relax with out knowing as candles are known all around the world for calm and relaxation or maybe the essential oils that are released once lit are scientifically proven to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety, which in turn helps create a better night sleep.

3 - Create your visuals that entice your audience

Now this could be small 2 second clips that get put together to make one video. For the candle we would showoff what the nighttime routine looks like, imagine the below structure as 2 second clips each

1- lighting the candle
2 - Someone smelling the candle and feeling calm and relaxed
3 - Pouring in bubble bath
4 - The bath filled with bubble bath
5 - Another shot of the candle but maybe with a someone placing another candle next to it
6 - Sprinkling in some bath salts
7 - Then finally filming a shot of someone stepping into the bath or maybe someone lead there relaxed and calm reading a book or with a class of wine

In total this is around 14seconds long.The video is in low light almost dark to really show of the relaxing vibes as you are painting a picture.

4 - Finish with a CTA (call to action) or motive

This could go along the lines of - If you find your self struggling to go to sleep as your mind is constantly on, then start your new night time routine with us today, Link in bio.

Pro Tip - Do not just showcase one of your products make sure you show off other objects that they would use along side such, as bath salts, bubble bath, essential oils and so forth. This helps increase cross sales.

So to conclude why does this work, well its very simple. When using video and strong visuals people are able to imagine themselves and feel like they are apart of this lifestyle. You have created an urge for them to want that to be their lifestyle and therefore purchase your products. Using this form of marketing people do not feel like they have purchased under pressure and have purchased on the pure basis of a new and better life.

What do you think of this article, have you noticed TV adverts and videos on social media using this formula?

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