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Social Media Content Ideas for Therapists and Wellness Brands

Are you a therapist looking for some easy content ideas for social media that can boost your engagement and awareness? Yes? Then look no further I have created 9 easy social media post ideas that really stand out within the holistic and wellness community.

1. Share inspirational quotes related to mental health and well-being

One of the best ways to do this is of course creating your own inspiration quote, finding other quotes online such as searching on Google or using well known quote's are not going to make you stand out.

Think about your target audience and a worry or struggle they will be facing. Then add a "light at the end of the tunnel" ending and boom you have your inspiration motivation.

Heres an example:

"If you are worrying so much about becoming a better parent that already showcases that you are a good parent - stop being so hard on yourself."

2. Post tips on how to manage stress and anxiety at home.

Now this can be done in many ways but its super important that you focus on your target audience when creating these tip posts. If you focus on mothers who are overwhelmed then create a post like "How to relax after a stressful day with the kids" or maybe you are focusing on women who are business owners and you help them with their wellness? Then you could post "Best ways to switch off after a long busy business day in the studio".

3. Share articles or blog posts related to mental health and wellness.

You have 2 options here, you can post your own blog posts with a link so you are directing traffic directly to your website. Then within your blog make sure you add a call to action to encourage people to book a free session or get in touch.

The first way is great but the second is perfect for standing out and really showing off your expertise. Find a blog or an online article that you have strong options of, good or bad. Share the link and use the caption space to go into some specific reasons you agree or disagree. End the post asking people what they think, so you inviting a conversation and healthy debates. Make sure to be kind and not to use this idea to force options and aggression onto people.

4. Share personal stories or experiences related to mental health.

This one is an absolute must when it comes to social media, as a therapist you are selling your services therefore selling yourself. People buy from people. So if you have experience within a particle topic that people come to you for help with, then share those stories. This will help connect to people on a deeper level and will build trust and increase your reputation.

Here is an example of how Anca from Aim Coaching has done this:

5. Post about the benefits of therapy and how it can help people.

This might sound like an obvious post but sometimes a post as direct as why someone may need therapy and how it can help them maybe the push they have been looking for all this time.

6. Post about the importance of setting boundaries and how to do it.

Here is a fabulous video on TikTok that showcases exactly how you could do this:

Video by @jimmyonrealtionships - Watch here

7. Share resources for mental health support, such as hotlines or online support groups.

This is another fabulous opportunity to show your clients that you have resources which can help them, you have connections and understandings of what they are going through. Someone may not be able to afford your services and are low key keeping updated and in the loop with you,

so by providing a free hotline contact information they are able to take action while saving up or building up the courage to get in touch.

8. Post about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

If you provide a mindfulness product, service or package then this one can be super effective for engagement and encouraging people to sign up.

First start off with a benefit of your service. For example, Taking part in mindfulness practices can stop anxiety attacks.

Then think of a benefit of that previous benefit. For example, You can take control of your day to day activities without struggle and worry slowing you down or even stopping you from completing certain tasks.

Finally link this to one of your services and how you can create this for them. For example, Take your first step to mindfulness practices by signing up to my “anxiety attack more like yoga attack” masterclass.

Add it all together and now you have the perfect marketing post:

Taking part in mindfulness practices can stop anxiety attacks and you can take back control of your day to day activities without struggle and worry slowing you down or even stopping you from completing certain tasks.

Take your first step with mindfulness practices by signing up to my “anxiety attack more like yoga attack” masterclass.

9. Share tips on how to improve communication in relationships.

When creating content based on this idea make sure to adapt the post to make it match your business values and purpose.

For example, if you work with people who help parents heal from childhood trauma you can create a post like this:

“How to build your relationship with your parents to boost communication”.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur therapist and you help CEO’s of small businesses deal with stress and mental health therefor you could post something like this:

“How to build strong relationships with your staff to keep communication open and business running smoothly”.

Try adding these social media posts ideas into your social media strategy. Take a note of the content that people engage with the most and which ones get more views. Try to recreate and share other posts similar to the ones that have been working best for you and continue to always check which content works best for you.

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