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Bethany's Business Thrive Audit


“Discover The Thrive Audit with easy ways to grow your potential audience and create desirable branding that converts growth and enquiries within your holistic business... Starting Today!”


(Even if you’re completely unsure and lost on what content to post, what the fundamentals of a wellness website are or if you have no idea who are your target audience or the type of clients you want to work with!)


You have big dreams and goals for your business,
lets make them a reality

Feel like running a mental health wellness business is hard work and that sometimes you wanna give up? I get it, from your own mental health thinking you’re not good enough to having the time to research into content creation while running desperately out of ideas. This was me once, so if I could do it, you can too. Introducing complete wellness brand audit created exclusively for you and your business needs.


Immediately walk away today knowing your business strategy is being taken care of, that imposter syndrome won’t be your enemy and finally get the control back where achieving your goals is effortless with a happiness guarantee.


Here’s a fact that may come to a surprise to you, a business plan creates 30% greater chance of growth plus 65% of successful content markers use a documented marketing strategy, now its time to take control and discover your breakthrough.

Here’s What You’ll Get...

✅Creating a structure for your business objectives and goals

✅How to connect directly to your audience

✅How to build an organic client list

✅Competitor Research

✅Your Instagram page analysed

✅Finding your Unique selling point

✅The effectiveness of your content

✅Content Ideas across different platforms from social media to blogs

✅Improvements across your business to help grow faster

✅Go through your strengths and things that are working well

Meet your mentor...

I am a qualified Branding and Social Media coach who has worked with wellness businesses to build a platform and brand that encourages clients to reach out and feel like they are in a safe space. 


In my life I have personally suffered from Anxiety. Panic attacks where a regular occurrence that make me feel weak and powerless. I struggled to heal from trauma and felt everything and everyone was out to get me. But then thinks looked up, I decided to enough was enough and I contacted a holistic hypnotherapy healer. Soon the worry of eating in front of people turned into scoffing my self, I have grown and pushed my self due to having two beautiful children that I did not want to pass my worries onto. Without taking the first step through guided help and self love I would be where I am now. 

Due to my experience I decided I did not want anyone else to suffer or feel shame and worry that I did on a regular basis. Once I had graduated from my Graphic Design degree I vowed to help people the best way I can. Creating a brand that tells a story, visually welcoming and a safe space... all through design.


Client Love...

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