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How Branding can help you gain more sales and connect with your target audiance

The importance of personal branding:

Personal branding is mainly used for businesses that are created around a person, For Example, if you run a small business as a fashion designer YOU are the designer and therefore need personal branding as you represent the business.

Branding is the first thing that people see so it is super important to be able to represent your self within the first couple of seconds someone see your brand. Your branding is more than just a logo, it consists of imagery, the tone of voice, the language, the colours, the icons and even the words you use.

The overall importance of branding is that you want your ideal client to be attracted to you, if you are trying to attract a female business owner who is super creative and loves being bold and wild then you can use bold and bright colours, fonts, and icons in your logo, website and marketing material. You can create fun and funky headshots all while using feminism within your language. This will attract the bold female entrepreneur and it will not attract a male office business manager. The aim and goal is to work with the right people.

How to use social media for personal branding:

The first thing to think about is how your images looks, do your headshots match your colour theme and link in with what you do? Does all your other imagery also match and represent what you do. If yes then use these images as your profile picture on Facebook, Instagram , linkedIn, and other platforms this is great tactic as people buy from people and you are instantly letting people in and making them feel they already know you.

Another great way to use personal branding is through the language and tone of voice that you use. You want to be consistent across all platforms. The best way to do this is to write a list of adjectives that reflect you snd your business style. If we go back to the fashion designer example they may create list using words like:

Elegant, Soft, Romantic, Minimalistic, Nontraditional.

Once you have created your list find a thesaurus and create a list which contain as many words as you can think of. Once you have done this you want to make sure you add this words into your bio, captions and even use then in videos you upload.


Here you can see my personal branding headshots and imagery, when planning the styled shoot I made sure that the colours used matched my logo and other branding material. Which is deep green and natural nude. I have also used other imagery that shows a laptop, a phone with instagram and Pantone colours to show that I do marketing and Graphic Design. Though the images, colours and fonts I have created a professional looking profile with a bit of personality and reflecting that simple yet luxurious vibe.

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